We’ve got a story that goes 85 years deep, plus we’re making history every day as we continue to invent and cultivate new ways to farm and produce food sustainably. Get in touch with us at lundberg@accesstheagency.com.

Company History

Lundberg Family Farms® traces its roots to 1937, when Albert and Frances Lundberg moved to from Nebraska to California. The Sacramento Valley was the perfect setting for Albert and Frances to pass their legacy of respect for the land on to their four sons. Albert had seen the ravages of the Dust Bowl that resulted from poor soil management and shortsighted farming techniques. After moving the family to Northern California, he impressed upon his sons the need to care for the soil. The Lundbergs went on to pioneer organic rice farming in America.

In the 1960s, Albert’s sons Eldon, Wendell, Harlan and Homer Lundberg saw the need to sell their rice directly to the public, rather than mixing it with rice grown by conventional methods. This gave consumers a choice in the rice they purchased and began the Lundberg Family Farms® brand, which has become synonymous with quality, great-tasting rice products.

For more than 80 years, Lundberg Family Farms® has been using farming methods that care for the soil, wildlife, air and water. This care for the environment is equaled only by care for product quality. What began as a small family rice farm using farming techniques ahead of its time has grown into a mission-driven company that holds itself to a high standard in business, environmental stewardship and its relationship with employees.

Today, the third generation carries on the family heritage as Lundberg Family Farms® continues to use eco-positive farming methods to craft wholesome, healthful rice products while protecting and improving the environment for generations to come.

Fact Sheet

Year Founded

1937, by Albert and Frances Lundberg.

Acres Under Cultivation

Approximately 17,000 total (about 13,000 are organic).


In addition to its farms, Lundberg Family Farms owns and operates a dryer, mill, rice cake production facility, packaged entrée production facility, storage facility and more.


Richvale, CA in the heart of the fertile Sacramento Valley.

Business Facts

Lundberg Family Farms is the top grower and marketer of rice products in the natural channel.



Growing Methods

While 70% of Lundberg products are certified Organic, the company also offers Sustainable products, which use innovative environmental practices to sustain and preserve our delicate ecosystem. All the rice we grow is Non-GMO.


Whole Grains Council, California Rice Commission, USA Rice Commission, Chef’s Collaborative, Non-GMO Project, California Certified Organic Farming, Organic Trade Association, Ecological Farming Association, Organic Farming Research Foundation, Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association.


A wide variety of Organic and Sustainable rice products, including packaged and bulk rice, rice cakes, rice chips, risottos, pasta, rice syrup and flour.

Most Popular

Organic whole grain brown rice.


The Company’s CEO, Craig Stevenson, was appointed to his post in 2022. Lundberg Family Farms is overseen by a board of 10 directors, 6 of whom are Lundberg family members.

Recent Awards

California Leader in Agriculture Innovation by Grow
California California Clean Technology Game Changer by Grow
California 2011 Sustainability Award by Nutrition Business Journal
Responsible Packaging Award by the Responsible Packaging Project

Product Availability

Lundberg Family Farms products are available throughout the US and Canada at natural foods stores, conventional supermarkets and club stores.